According to the English newspaper "The Times", UEFA is considering changing the format of the competition after the early fall of teams like Arsenal, Juventus and Levante

The draw for the decisive playoffs of the Women's Champions League, which will indicate 12 classified for the group stage,

placed two popular teams face to face: Manchester United, from Brazilian Geyse, and Paris Saint-Germain .

The first games of the playoffs will be played on October 10th and 11th, with the return the following week (18th and 19th).

The format of the competition is constantly criticized for offering few direct places for the group stage ,

ignoring the scenario of increased investment in women's football in many European national leagues.

Only the previous champion of the Champions League and the champions of three national leagues,

according to the UEFA rankings, are guaranteed in the main phase.

This year, Barcelona (European champion), Lyon, Bayern Munich and Chelsea escaped from the playoffs .