The English duo performed with charismatic, noisy and delicious indie rock, but Foo Fighters fans preferred to sit near the main stage.

Wet Leg proved to be a different attraction from the others at The Town 2023.

One of the few names in the line-up to make their debut in Brazil, the English duo proved to be averse,

this Saturday (9), to the festival tricks so often repeated by your pairs.

There was no cover. There was no guest. There was no light show. There was also no audience, it's true.

There was only charismatic, noisy and delicious indie rock. 

The only international attraction on The One stage, Wet Leg entered the competition for the title of the festival's biggest revelation.

It's a shame that Foo Fighters fans preferred to save a good seat to see their favorite band on the event's biggest stage, the Skyline.

A crowd stayed there, sitting, instead of getting to know a band that is among many people's favorites, including... Dave Grohl.

The Foo Fighters leader played with them at the Coachella festival last April, but did not appear on stage this time.