Actress Sabine Boghici , 49 years old, who was arrested for carrying out a million-dollar scam against her mother ,

died after falling from the 5th floor of a building in Lagoa, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro , on Thursday afternoon ( 14).

She was rescued by firefighters and taken to the Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital in a very serious condition,

but, according to the Municipal Health Department, she did not survive her injuries.

The case will be investigated by the 15th DP (Gávea). One of the hypotheses investigated is suicide.

Sabine would have left a letter for his wife, Rosa Stanesco Nicolau.

Sabine was the heiress of one of the country's biggest art collectors, the Romanian Jean Boghici, and

was married to Rosa, accused along with the actress of crimes against the dealer's widow, Geneviève Boghici, aged 83.

Rosa, also known as Mãe Valéria de Oxóssi, is imprisoned at the Santo Expedito Penal Institute,

in the Gericinó Complex, in Bangu, in the West Zone.