Entity ratifies ban on Ygor Catatau, Matheus Gomes and Gabriel Tota after initial decision by STJD.

FIFA extends the effects of penalties defined by national courts so that athletes comply with sanctions even if they agree with clubs from other countries

FIFA reported this Monday that it has extended the suspension of players

who were punished in Brazil for manipulating football matches in an illegal scheme to the entire world.

Players Ygor Catatau, Matheus Gomes and Gabriel Tota had their bans ratified by the entity -

- the decision had already been taken by the STJD.

On its website, the organization listed the 11 athletes who had suspensions determined by Brazilian sports courts

– the sentences range from 360 days of suspension to banishment from the sport.

The punishments are a consequence of Operation Maximum Penalty, an investigation by the Public Ministry of Goiás

that discovered a manipulation scheme to favor bettors – there are also criminal proceedings against these athletes.