Porto Alegre City Hall launched this Friday, the 15th, at Cinemateca Capitol,

the Mais Cultura program, with R$15.1 million to finance artistic-cultural projects.

There are R$3.8 million from the Municipal Fund to Support Artistic and

Cultural Production of Porto Alegre (Fumproarte) and R$11.3 million from the Paulo Gustavo Law.

At Fumproarte, the total resources from the four notices is R$3.8 million. Added to the

values ​​of the notices already launched for Decentralized Cultural Events (R$ 1.1 million)

and Creative Economy Artistic Projects (R$ 100 thousand), the amount invested in art and

culture by Fumproarte in 2023 reaches R$ 5 million , the largest in the last 30 years. Here more details.