In  “ Altas Horas ”  this Saturday (09/09),  Serginho Groisman  promotes a special program that celebrates women in Brazilian music.

And the protagonists are Luiza Sonza, Maiara & Maraisa and Teresa Cristina .

Luiza Sonza, who recently shone at The Town festival, shares current moments in her career.

I'm still ecstatic. It was the first time I sang songs from the new album, on the way back from my tour, and at such a big festival. I think when I went up there I saw Luiza as a child going up, it was a dream come true ”, she details.

She will also talk about her song “Chico”, a declaration of love for her boyfriend Chico Veiga, who will also be present in the audience.

Luiza will share details about the creation of the song and will perform several hits, including “Modo Turbo”, “Melhor Sozinha”, “Cachorrinhas” and “Lança Menina”.

You can see all of this in “ Altas Horas ”, which airs this Saturday, right after “ Terra e Paixão ”, on Globo. The program is directed by Serginho Groisman and Adriano Ricco.