Dave Grohl gets excited and Foo Fighters presents Curitiba with a historic 3-hour show

Foo Fighters definitely likes to play long shows in Brazil.

The band's current tour, which promotes the new album But Here We Are , has been taking place in several cities in the United States and,

there, Dave Grohl and company have been performing shows that vary between 17 and 20 songs, lasting a maximum of two hours and a half in duration.

In Curitiba, on that night of September 7th, there were 23 songs, several dedications of love to Brazil and three hours of an extremely energetic delivery on stage.

The band started their set with the basis of what they have been playing abroad, opening with “All My Life”, “The Pretender”, “Learn To Fly” and “No Son Of Mine” .

At one point, Dave thanked the audience for supporting the band for 28 years and said that she would play songs from all 10 of their previously released albums.

The promise was kept, and all albums were blessed with at least one song in the setlist, the most recent of which, But Here We Are , was the champion with five tracks.

Covers have been part of Foo Fighters shows for some time, and this tour was no different.

Then came the beautiful “Aurora” , crowned by an activation by fans, who took white balloons to the venue.