Fernando Botero died this Friday (15) at the age of 91. The Colombian painter,

sculptor and designer was at his home in the principality of Monaco.

The news was published on the website of the newspaper "El País".

Popularly known as the painter of "fatties", Botero was associated with a playful art that had good humor and tones of surrealism.

"I haven't painted a single fat woman in my life. I expressed the volume,

I tried to give protagonism to the volume, to make it more plastic, more monumental,

almost a food, so to speak, edible art. Art must be sensual,

I say in that sense" , he commented, when asked about his style.

Considered one of the greatest living artists, he gained fame and popularity in recent decades

thanks to his paintings and enormous bronze sculptures exhibited around the world, starting in the 90s.