Musicians celebrate the 1980s and 1990s in a lively and dancing performance at The Town.

The 1980s and 1990s landed at The Town, this Saturday (9).

It was shortly after the performance of Detonautas, who brought the 2000s to the same stage, The One.

Thanks to Barão Vermelho , the public experienced a return to Brazil from 40 years ago.

It's as if the City of Music, at Autódromo Interlagos, in São Paulo, 

had briefly left its "shopping mall festival" pose to become a classic national rock karaoke.

The setlist practically didn't let the audience's lips settle. He delivered exactly what people wanted: hits and more hits.

There were few verses not sung by the audience — and with a lot of energy, that is to say. Feet jumped from start to finish.

The repertoire included the hits "Por que a gente é assim", Beth Balanço", "O Tempo Não Para", "Meus Bons Amigos", "Exagerado" and "Por Você".