7 Ways to Feel Better After a Breakup

Relationship breakups can be very difficult. Those who have been through this situation know it well. It’s not just about pain. Ending a relationship often generates  a certain chaos  in the life of those who experience it.

Get over a love breakup

Breaking up with your partner is one of the most painful experiences we can live. The problems that we may have of any other nature; work, money, friends or family, we can manage them with more or less integrity.

Regardless of its cause; A love breakup makes us wobble in such a way that at that moment, we can have the impression that we will never get over it. We come to think that this pain will never go away.

What to do after a love breakup?

Accept reality
Don’t look guilty
Get back in touch with your friends and family
You resume the activities you like
Enjoy being with you
Don’t neglect
7 Ways to Feel Better After a Breakup

1. Don’t take it out on yourself
The melodramatic scene where the girl cries over tons of ice cream might not be the best idea to get over a breakup in real life. Do not punish your body by eating large amounts of food and feeling guilty, better go out and exercise and decide to lead a healthy lifestyle.

2. Do not look for another serious relationship
A nail does not take out another nail, although feeling loved by another person can make you feel happy, you have to be very careful. Do not get involved in a relationship immediately, remember that another person can be hurt. Take your time to think about yourself, get to know yourself and thus discover what you really want for your life.

3. Don’t tell everyone about your life Telling everyone
how unfair life has been with you might make you feel a little more understood, but it won’t solve anything. Save your feelings and stories for your closest friends, talking about him or her with people you hardly know will only make you think more about what already was.

4. Do not cling to memories
Throw away all those things that remind you of your past as a couple, at least until you can look at your relationship with different eyes. Eliminate all those toxic people from your life and look for new horizons. Although it may be difficult for you to understand, the world does not end and life goes on.

5. Do not waste time trying to get
revenge They say that revenge is never good and there is nothing more true. End once and for all with thoughts that seek to make your ex pay for things he said or did to you, it is not worth spending energy figuring out ways to make him suffer, in the end you will hurt yourself.

6. Don’t lock yourself in.
Don’t hide or avoid leaving your four walls, no one is going to judge you for a breakup. Go out and meet new people! Be careful, it is not about going in search of the love of your life, but rather about spending a good time with your friends and having fun again.

7. Do not settle for crumbs
Do not go out with the first person who pays you a little attention, leave out the obsessive, jealous or potential “future boyfriends”. Remember that you need time to think about yourself and to “raise your standards”. Pay attention.

Unfortunately, this whole process takes weeks, months and sometimes years, a highly variable period depending on each person and each particular story. And while all of these tips help you get through the breakup in the best possible way, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any suffering. 

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