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Do you want to impress a girl or get a girl? You are who you are, and you will be attractive to some women, and unattractive to others, no matter what you do, who you know or how you act. This is a fact. So you must understand what to to look for, based on what and who you are.

Find women to communicate with, preferably those who match your interests. Learn to understand and train yourself to be aware of body language – hers and your own. Use your newfound skills to gauge how to proceed.

Men are very visual, but women are not – if you can tell her a story and lead her to a daydream or fantasy that she enjoys, she will associate this enjoyment with you. It is very effective to do this to make her to get, but she will have to trust you for it to work.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, so much for any woman worth dating. You don’t even have to be rich or drive a fancy car. It matters to her that you’re clean, confident, fun is, and if not financially stable – has a plan and the drive to become so. Stable employment and income are very important if you want her to move around, and critical if you want to one day be more than just her boyfriend be.

How to Get Her Interested? Get a Girl to Like You

Don’t be the pickup artist. That is to say, don’t push for sex as soon as possible. In fact, the best thing you can possibly do is get her all hot and bothered without ever touching her and then telling her that sex has to wait. Don’t sleep with her on the first date.

One of the biggest mistakes guys make is that they compliment women quickly and often. Guys, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The more she hears that she’s beautiful, hot, desirable, etc. The more she thinks she’s worth it. And at the same time, guys who look these things on her seem less worth it.

Women are very sensual and erotic beings, but they should be given the freedom and circumstances in which they can express it. Do that for her and you’ll never have to ask for a kiss (or anything else along those lines) again.

Never brag to your friends about any intimate time you spend with her. It’s none of their business, and it will damage her trust in you. Never break her trust! Trust will make or break you, no matter how much she likes you, thinks you’re hot, or loves the sex. If she can’t trust you, it’s off.

Don’t move faster than she’s comfortable. Don’t push her into anything she won’t do with gentle prodding. Be very sensitive to what she’s comfortable with. Always make sure she’s comfortable unless you’re “Push the envelope”. Don’t hit or be abusive, instead make her vulnerable around you.

There are no “lions”. In general, any guy can get any woman if he can make her believe that he is as important (valuable) as or more important than she is. Keep your mouth shut about her personal matters! Anything you know about her, don’t share private things unless she comes out.

Always make sure that she feels safe with you. The circumstances can be manipulated, but if she really feels threatened by you, you are out. Never hit her, verbally abuse her, treat her badly, or disrespect her, her family , friends or property.

Almost all women find self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect and a positive sense of self-worth very attractive in a man. If you don’t have them yet, you can work on them.

Enjoy her company, but don’t have expectations. Just have a good time with her.

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